Exterminator Portland Heights
24 Hour Residential Pest Control


We combine the most advanced technologies and methodologies available today to deliver you a service that is both affordable and reliable. Therefore, your customized plan will be designed to make sure that you do not become a victim to pests and to keep them away all year round.

Upon arriving on site, our technician will inspect the property with the necessary equipment to identify the areas where there is a pest problem.

We will perform perimeter treatments on your home, foundation, soil and any nearby plants, in order to stop pests before they enter.

We’ll seal any openings and plug any cracks to prevent insects from invading.

In critical areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages, we’ll treat the interior of your home for pests and install pest monitors.

A thorough report will be provided detailing the results of the services conducted and the recommendations made to keep your home pest-free.

In between our regular scheduled visits, you can expect us to stay in touch, answering any immediate needs you may have.

We Stop What’s Bugging You

We are trusted, licensed exterminators, offering quality residential and commercial pest control services to the Portland Heights area.

As licensed pest control technicians, we are trained to identify pest concerns during an inspection and can offer solutions to meet your individual needs.

With every service that we provide, both in storefront and neighborhoods, we are dedicated to giving you total peace of mind.

You’ve got a pest problem. We’ve got your pest solution.